Wednesday, March 28, 2012

share the shot #5-orange

 another week has zipped by and i found this share the shot assignment to be a real challenge.  i am not a fan of the color orange and finding it in my house and garden was tough.  the only plant that blooms orange in my garden is an iris and it has not done so yet.  as i wondered what i could possibly find to take pictures of, i decided to just go and bake a cake; in my world, almost anything can be solved by baking a cake to share or eat by yourself as you ponder...

 clementine zest

 my not so smart cell phone-hey it makes calls and sends texts, that's all i need

 wait for it

 we went hiking and found these-any idea what the are?  tell me cause i'm stumped...

 mushrooms-unknown species of polyspores

my little girl on my favorite reading chair-twice the orange!

many thanks to amy of she wears many hats for the wonderful challenge!


Jack Blackburn said...

nice pictures.

reginag said...

Awesome shot!

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Naum Franpos said...

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