Thursday, January 29, 2009

half baked

if i had a dollar for every time i have stated that "if i never baked another thing as long as i live, i could still die happy", i'd have some money to spend!!!  even so, i cannot imagine my life without baking.  life without the smell of bread baking or savoring the taste of warm cookies just seems unimaginable.  if you know me then you also know that i bake for a living and to come home and break out the recipes or to spend a day off in my kitchen seems like overkill and a sure way to get bored with it.  even so, i joined two baking forums that also are blogs.  each month there is a challenge-secret and known only to the members and on a specific date, the members post the results on their blogs as well as participate in private-members only forums.  keep tuned to this space for the results each month as i post for the daring bakers and  you want pies with that.

1 comment:

PheMom said...

Welcome to both groups Alisa! I am a Daring Baker too (and excited about this month's challenge). I will definitely be back to see your results.